An Automatic Pool Cover - How Pool Cover Reels Help Automate Your Cover

An automatic pool cover can be quite convenient. For those who are older or who may have a physical disability that keeps them from placing a regular cover onto a pool, these styles may be just what they are looking for. The pool cover reels that the ropes of these systems are set on are what make the whole thing work, and the process could not be simpler. Below you will find information on the different types of automatic pool covers and what makes them work.

Semi-automatic Pool Covers

A semi-automatic pool cover runs on motor driven pool cover reels. The ropes that draw out the pool cover are attached to the reels, and electrical power is used to roll and unroll the cover out across the water. This type of automatic pool cover requires that someone pull on one end of the cover to draw it all the way down the length of the pool. Someone also needs to hold and guide the cover back onto the pool cover reels as it is being drawn back into the system. You have the option of having these covers built into your deck, or on a wheeled cart that can be maneuvered around.

Fully Automatic Pool Covers

A fully automatic pool cover has pool cover reels that are permanently bolted in place, and they automatically roll and unroll the cover out over the pool. The convenience that this option offers can't be matched by any other, but this is also the most expensive option that you will come across. With just a touch of a button each day, the pool cover will extend and retract across the pool.

Hand Crank Automatic Pool Covers

Again placed upon pool cover reels, this type of automatic pool cover has a hand crank that must be turned by one person, while another pulls on the end of the cover to bring it out across the pool. Although this method is less expensive than the other two, it really isn't much different than using a traditional cover, other than it allows you to store the cover in a neater way.

Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers

The main benefit that is gained from an automatic pool cover is the ease of use. With a fully automatic system, it only take the touch of a button and the pool cover reels draw the pool cover out across the water. The semi-automatic system is simple as well, requiring only that you tug on the end of the cover to position it correctly.

Other benefits that are gained include greater safety for your family, fewer cleanups since debris is captured, and a lower energy bills as the water does not evaporate as quickly, and the water will not need to be heated as often.

There are many reasons to use an automatic pool cover. The pool cover reels make this method of covering a pool easier to use and far more efficient than traditional cover methods. Review the information above to find the system that is best for you.