Easy Set Pool Cover Verses Frame Covers

The easy set pool cover is as simple as it gets when it comes to placing and removing a cover. This cover reaches the sides of the pool and is anchored with a nylon tie rope around the top lip of the pool. Frame covers however, have an overhang that allows you to anchor the cover with nylon tie ropes on the side of the pool. There are advantages to both cover types, and each person will need to decide which would work best for them. The similarities in the two covers are in the material, but the way they fit the pool is different.

Easy Set Pool Cover

The east set cover for the pool is placed on the top of the water and is tied around the lip of the pool with a nylon tie. This pool cover is easy to place and easy to remove. The only problem you might have with this specific type of cover is that there is no extra material to help grasp and remove the cover without letting some top debris into the pool. If this is not an issue for your situation, then this cover is the best one for ease of use.

The Frame Cover

The frame cover has an overhang, which can be as much as thirteen inches. This gives you a way to anchor the cover to the sides of the pool, to ensure that debris and critters stay out of the water. The cover can be removed with all the debris intact if you use two people to do it. However, this cover is a little bulkier than the easy set top and can be a bit heavier and harder to remove.

Clearing Debris

If you are using the easy set pool cover or the frame set, you can add to the ease of each cover by using a leaf net cover. This product is a netted material that is placed on top of the pool cover and collects the debris and leaves that fall onto the top. Before you take off the actual cover, you remove the netting and bring the debris along with it.

This will make either pool cover easier to work with. You will not have to worry about being careful not to get debris into the pool, and you can use the leaf net on the easy set and just empty the net a few times during the fall months to get rid of most of the leaves. Then in the spring, you will have collected the remainder of the winter debris for a sparkling clean pool.

As you can see, each cover style has an advantage. The leaf net can make each style easier to use. The easy set pool cover will benefit having the netting on top, and makes it easier for one person to remove the cover without making a mess in the water. Even the frame cover is made easier with the netting. Therefore, either one of these styles would work well for your pool cover needs, and would help to keep your pool clean and algae free.