Ground Pool Cover Choices

The choices for a ground pool cover are open to a few different styles and materials. An in ground pool cover can be more about protecting the pool water from debris, or it can be about safety. The covers need to protect the pool water from the elements either during the summer months or during the winter months too. There are different covers for the pool that offer different options, these include mesh pool covers, net pool covers, and vinyl pool covers. Each one of these products has benefits that the other model may not have.

Mesh Pool Covers

Mesh ground pool covers are more for safety than for anything else, but they are used for reducing debris in the pool as well. The cover is held in place with springs attached to brass anchors in the cement decking. The covers have the ability to protect a child or person that falls into the pool if it has the cover on. It acts as a safety net, and the child or person does not fall into the water. Ideally, there should be two people to remove and place this type of pool cover, as it can be somewhat hard to do.

Net Pool Covers

The net covers are more for safety. These covers will allow debris into the pool water, so should not be used as protection from the elements. The net holes are small enough to keep a small child out of the water and will prevent tragic accidents though. Net covers attach to the deck with springs that are attached to the brass rings in the cement. A net cover is easy for one person to remove and place in just a few minutes. If you are more interested in safety, this cover is the best choice.

Vinyl Pool Covers

Vinyl ground pool covers have been around for years. This is the first type of in ground pool cover that was used on almost all pools that needed protection from the elements. These are more about less maintenance of the pool water after the cover is removed. As for safety, the cover designs do make them safe when it comes to protecting little ones. This again, will be determined by the type of vinyl cover you choose. Some of the styles are not meant for safety as much as they are for proper pool maintenance.

In ground pool covers that use the pulley system to remove and place the cover make things so much easier for pool owners. If you are looking for safety however, the mesh or net pool covers are the best. If safety and maintenance free pool water are your goal then vinyl covers are the option you want. Vinyl covers on pulleys will require almost no work at all to place or remove, while the other two will require some manual labor.

You have to look at all of the facts before you decide which in ground pool cover will work the best in your situation. Most in ground pool covers are made to last and the warranties that come with them are generous. Although cost will vary between styles, it all boils down to what you are looking for.