Intex Pool Covers For Above Ground Pools

Intex pool covers help keep above ground pools clean and free of debris. These easy Intex covers for the pool are made of PVC vinyl plastic that is very durable. If it rains, there are no worries because the easy covers have a drain hole in the middle to drain the water off the top before removing it from the pool. There are pool covers, solar blankets, and frame covers made for above ground pools that are manufactured by Intex.

Regular and Frame Covers

The standard Intex pool covers are durable, and fit the pool top with a built in tie that secures the cover to the top of the pool ledge. The frame covers have a thirteen inch overhang that secures the cover around the pool with a nylon tie. The frame designs are made from seven-gauge PVC vinyl for added durability.

The easy set pool covers come in four different sizes that include eight foot, ten foot, twelve foot, and fifteen foot. The frame ones come in ten foot and twelve-foot sizes only. The durable plastic, withstands the hot summer temperatures and does not crack, rip, or fall apart after a year or two of being used.

Solar Blanket Covers

The solar pool covers come in ten foot, twelve foot, fifteen foot, and eighteen foot sizes for your convenience. These covers are made of PVC vinyl and help keep the pool water heated by collecting the energy from the sun. The blankets not only heat the water, but they also help to keep the pool water clean and free from any debris.

Why You Need Intex Pool Covers

There are many reasons for having a pool cover, but besides the obvious reasons, you need a cover to keep people out of the pool when no one is watching it. This goes for little ones that love being in the water. If you have a cover on the pool, the kids will not be able to climb the ladder and enter the water without an adult around.

The obvious reason for a cover on your above ground pool is that it helps to keep it clean. If the cover is also a solar design, you will reduce heat loss and keep the pool clean when it is not in use. When you take the cover off the pool, you simply pull from one side to the other side bringing any debris with the cover, which can be emptied onto the ground. It is easy enough to install with one person and take off alone.

Whether you have an eight-foot opening on your pool or an eighteen-foot one, there are Intex pool covers that will fit your above ground pool. It can be secured using the included methods for windy days, so there will be no more reasons to constantly use the net to scoop out debris after sitting for a time. The best part about these durable pool covers is not only the protection they offer, but the low cost that is quite impressive.