Safety with a Mesh Pool Cover - Net Pool Cover

The mesh pool cover is not a cover for everyday use, but it is good for those that live in windy areas and have a constant problem with leaves and debris entering the pool. The net pool cover is for those who need some added protection for the pool area. Children will not be able to fall through the netting and into the water if they by chance enter the pool area without adult supervision. Even if you have a fenced in pool area, you need extra safety when children are concerned.

Benefits of a Mesh Pool Cover

Although pool covers are not meant for walking on, if you need to walk on the top of the cover, it will hold the weight of a few adults. Animals that wonder into the pool area and decide to explore the pool top will not be trapped and drown in the water. This type of pool cover is also a safety feature if you have small children that like to go exploring by the pool.

The removal and placement of these types of pool covers can be time consuming though. It is not a recommended pool cover for summer use, but more for winter use when the pool is closed for a longer period. This particular material is not meant for protecting the pool from debris either, but it is more about safety. If you need safety as well as protection from debris, a leaf net pool cover is the answer.

The Net Pool Covers

The net pool covers are ideal for those pools that need to be closed for the night and open in the morning. This type of net cover will not allow small children to fall into the pool. A net cover has a pulley system that makes it easy for one person to place in minutes. The net has a pulley that rolls the pool cover out and retracts it back to the roller.

The net cover is so strong that no child can break through into the water. The holes are small enough to protect the child from entering the water, but large enough that the children will not be able to jump, stand or stabilize themselves for play on the net. This net is not good for protecting the pool from debris, but a leaf net can be used if debris is a problem.

Whether you need a winter pool cover or a daily cover, the mesh pool cover and the net pool cover are your two best choices. If you want a simple cover that one person can remove and place every day, the net cover is a good option, while the mesh cover will work for winter months when the pool is not in use. However, if you are in need of protection from debris, you may need to invest in additional leaf net for the pool, in order to trap debris before it makes its way to the open holes in the main covers.