Benefits of a Pool Cover Pump

You might ask yourself why you would want a pool cover pump when you have an above ground pool or even an in ground pool. The answer is really simple. You need to remove that water that has accumulated over the long snowy winter. It will be impossible to remove the cover without making this your first step. Even if you have a retractable cover, you still have to remove any standing water, especially if it is dirty water filled with debris. Before choosing a pump, you should know about the different models, because each one has a unique purpose.

The Flat Pump

The flat pool cover pump works well for above ground pools and in ground pools as well. This pump resembles a disc and is attached to a hose. It is then placed on the pool cover with the bottom side facing down. This particular model will suck the water off the cover and stop when done. It is best to have a pump that has a sensor that tell its when the water is gone rather than one you have to continually check to see if it has finished. You can get a pump of this type for a good price, and they are quite easy to use.

The Tower Style Pump

This pump is tall and bulky. Most of these pumps are automatic, but some are manual instead. These pumps will work well on the cover, but the new style flat model leaves no comparison. This style pump need to be moved more often, and will need to be monitored even more than the flat disc type. A tower style pool cover pump will pump the water at a higher rate of speed, but more problems can arise if you get debris blockage. These pumps are more suitable for deep water pumping and work well when you have deep standing water.

Not Using a Pool Cover Pump

If you choose not to use a pump to get the water off the top of the pool cover, you will encounter even more problems than you had before. The first problem you can encounter is ripping or damaging the cover because of the weight of the water. Chances are you will not be able to move the cover in the first place.

What will happen is that the dirty winter water and debris will flow into your mostly clean pool water. This is going to cost you more time to clean the pool, and the need for more costly chemicals. It is much easier and cheaper to use the cover pump instead.

When you are looking for the right pool cover pump, you need to keep a few things in mind. Do you want to monitor the pump constantly or would you rather place the pump in the water and have it shut down when the water is gone? The other thing to decide is if you want to use an electric pump or a manual one. These are decisions that can be made after you look at the different types of pool cover pumps, but you must answer these questions to choose the pump that is right for you.