In Ground and Above Ground Pool Cover Reviews

There are many pool covers for in ground and above ground pools. There are covers for keeping debris out and other for keeping the water warm by the sun's energy when the weather is cold. Sometimes it is hard to decide which pool cover is right for your pool. Using reviews can help you judge each cover and decide which one will last the longest, keep the debris out, and be the best to keep small children safe. Below you will find some helpful information to help you decide.

Above Ground Pool Covers

Safety pool cover reviews are the most important because you do not normally have a fence around an above ground pool. These covers must display the characteristics of safety and durability. The reviews must show that the cover is worth the cost, and that it is true to its overall description for safety. When you buy a certified pool cover, you want to read the reviews to make sure it lives up to what it says it can do. If the cover says that it is strong enough to hold a child out of the water, then you want to read reviews that come close to substantiating this point.

In Ground Pool Covers

The pool cover reviews for the in ground pools need to meet certain requirements as well. If you have an in ground pool, you want a cover that can protect your children if they would walk on it or fall onto it when you are not around. Some in ground pool covers say that they are strong enough to hold a car out of the water. If this is true, you need to see some reviews that can substantiate this or some that come close enough.

Good and Bad Pool Cover Reviews

Although reviews come from people that purchase the covers, you still have to weigh the bad from the good. Some people may not have any good points to say, but there may be more positive reviews than bad ones. You have to weigh the good points and bad points of a product before deciding which one to buy.

To do this, you can look at consumer reports after reading customer reviews to see how each pool cover is rated. Whether you are in need of an in ground or above ground pool cover, you want something that has a warranty and a safety rating that matches your needs.

Not all covers are made the same. If you need a high safety rating, then you would look for pool cover reviews for those particular covers. If you have no safety needs, than you would not need the higher safety rating, but maybe more reviews and ratings for long lasting or durability. Either way, the pool cover reviews will help you make a choice. You just need to weigh the bad and the good before deciding on which pool cover will be the best for you and your pool.