A Durable Pool Cover, Round Styles Available

If you have an above ground pool and you need a pool cover, round styles are available in different materials to meet your needs. There are many different materials and styles to choose from and the task can often be a daunting one. You can choose an easy pool cover, frame cover, or even a solar pool cover. There are covers for safety and others for blocking debris from entering the pool. If you have a round pool, you will find covers available in sizes from eight foot to thirty foot depending on the manufacturer.

Keeping the Pool Cover On

Pool covers may or may not come with a nylon string to tie and secure it to the pool. In this case, you will need to have some pool cover clips. These clips fit over the rim of the pool and hold the cover in place. How the cover is attached will all depend on the manufacturer and design of both the cover and the pool itself.

For pools that have a wide decking around them, water tube bags are another way to hold the pool covers on. Round style covers are easier to place, but can be a little harder to remove if you have to use the water tube bags. Clips seem to hold the cover in place, where as tube bags can let it slide out from underneath them when the cover is being removed.

Winter or Summer Covers

If you need a pool cover, round styles that lay on top of the water work very well. If you are closing the pool for the winter, you will want a different type of cover to protect it from cold, snow, and other debris. Winter covers must be durable and made from a material that can withstand the elements. The covers that are used for winter seasons usually have some overhang to tie to the sides of the pool for added protection.

If you have a hard fall or winter, you may want to place a leaf net over the top of the cover for easy removal of the leaves a few times during the season. You do this so that when your remove the pool cover, round styles especially, the debris does not fall into the water. This net is a lifesaver when it comes to opening the pool in the spring. You want as little debris in the water as possible, or cleaning it can be a long and hard process.

In the end, the pool cover that is right for you will depend on the area you live in and the amount of protection you need. The typical pool cover, round styles included, is made to protect the pool from debris and to keep critters from getting into the water. Keep in mind that if you drain some of the water out of the pool, you will need to use an inner tube or something else to keep the cover off the water.