Choosing a Pool Safety Cover - Your Safety Pool Cover Choices

If your family recently got a pool and you have children in or around your home, then you should seriously think of purchasing a pool safety cover. However, it can be hard to know which type of safety pool cover to choose. The following information will let you know the various options that are available for those who wish to keep their family safe.

A Mesh Style Pool Safety Cover

Mesh style covers are great for those who want something that can be used for protection, but that can be removed quickly and by only one person. These safety pool cover choices are made from extra strong and durable material that can even hold the weight of several adults.

Even though the mesh covers are easy to remove and put on, and they are strong enough to protect your children or pets, they are not good at keeping debris out of your water. If you are looking for a multi-purpose product, then this is not it. The holes are big enough to let debris through, and can't keep heat in either.

A Solid Style Safety Pool Cover

For those who are looking for a multi-purpose pool cover, that is capable of not only protecting the members of their family, but keeping their pool cleaner as well. Made from reinforced vinyl fabric, these covers are not nearly as strong, but they are durable enough to hold the weight of several small children or an adult.

The solid design of a pool safety cover allows the debris that falls on top of the pool to be trapped and not reach the water. The mesh compartment in the center of the cover allows the water to not build up on the top of the cover, but still keeps debris out. This makes the cover lighter and easier to remove, although these covers still require more effort to remove and put on than the mesh kind.

Pool Fences

If you are looking for an alternative to a pool safety cover, then you could always install a pool fence around your property. The problem with these fences, while they do keep children and animals safe, they are also a lot more expensive. They do provide convenience over a safety pool cover though, as they do not have to be removed at any time. However, a pool cover can also help to keep debris out of your pool water and cut down on cleaning time and costs.

When you are deciding what type of safety pool cover or feature to use for your pool, it is important to consider all of the different choices that are available. There are covers that can protect your children while allowing you ease of use, and still others that can keep debris out of your pool while also providing protection.

Those who decide to use pool fences instead of a safety pool cover often regret it, because of the added cost and inability to keep the pool water clean. It is best to first go over all of your choices before deciding which pool cover option is best for you.