Which Winter Pool Cover Is Right for Your Pool

When you need a winter pool cover, you want something that will be easy to install and durable. You need something that will be easy to uninstall and clean in the spring as well. The cover should be able to withstand cold temperatures and not allow any debris or critters in your pool when it is not being used. The cover must be something that will last for years and not just a few years. The information below can help you to decide how to choose the right winter cover.

Above Ground Pool Covers for Winter

Winter pool covers need to be durable in order to withstand the cold temperatures. Above ground pools are normally taken down over the winter, but many people look for a cover so they can avoid storing the pool during cold months.

The pool covers that you would use for above ground pools during the winter are different from the ones you would use during the summer months for protection against debris. The winter ones have a black backside that will help retard any algae growth. These types of covers can be installed with one person, and are surface covers that are able to be tied in place.

In Ground Pool Covers for Winter

The in ground winter pool covers are a little harder to install by yourself because of the length and width of the pools. There are different covers made from different materials, and the in ground covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs as well.

One common style is the tarp type of cover, which requires water tube bags to hold it in place during the winter months. There are other types of pool covers for in ground pools that are easier to install than this type, because they roll out over the pool opening and hook into preinstalled ground hooks.

Leaf Net Covers

Both in ground and above the ground pools can become covered with leaves during the fall and winter months. This makes it harder to remove the covers without dropping the leaves in the pool in the spring. Pool leaf nets will eliminate standing leaves on top of the pools. These nets are removed separately with all the debris and leaves inside. This keeps the pool covers clean, and when remove them you have no standing debris dropping in the pool water.

Most leaf nets are made of a strong polyethylene woven fabric that is strong enough to withstand the pulling power needed to remove all the debris from the pool covers. The nets usually come in black with cables to hold it in place over the main pool cover.

When you need a winter pool cover for your pool, you want something durable. If you want to help yourself in the spring, applying a leaf net will solve all your problems of how to remove the leaves so they do not fall into the pool water when the cover is removed. Pool covers for cold months come with algae protective backsides, which should cut down on the cleaning process in spring. If you follow the tips and information above, you will be able to find the perfect cover to suit your needs.